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Publicity Bio:
Angela has a hauntingly beautiful voice, folk-classical in sound, ranging from alto to soprano. Her soulful original songs are composed of exquisite melodies, woven with mellifluous, poetic and stirring lyrics. Her joy of singing and playing the guitar fills the room as she passionately showers her listeners with an uplifting spirit, delivering her message with a voice that soars over all. Angela plays acoustic guitar, delivering harmonious, often complex finger-picking guitar accompaniment to her singing.

Her songs are landscapes, reflections of nature, healing messages, and stories about the traumas and victories of living. She sings about the struggle of the true loving self navigating through the currents of modern world violence and destruction. Angela's voice is palliative, a sweetener to allow the hard knock and blunt truths of existence to be serenaded and elucidated

Angela has played at numerous venues, such as Club Passim (MA), The Me & Thee Coffeehouse (MA), Natick Center for the Arts (MA), Emerson Umbrella for the Arts (MA), Marblehead Festival of Arts (MA), Java Jo's (in Milton and JP, MA), and the Nameless Coffeehouse (MA), First Night Worcester (MA). She has released three CDs - the first in January 2000, titled, "Time Will Tell", and the second, in September 2004, "Ancient Voices", and "Take Back The Land" in November 2008. Angela is a performing member of Indiegrrl, the largest networking music organization featuring independent women singer/songwriters and businesses that support them. She is the founder and co-host of the King Hooper Café (Marblehead, MA). Her musical style is folk, and musical influences include Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. She has shared the stage with Jeanie Stahl and Mason Daring, Raymond Gonzalez, Julie Dougherty, Susan Levine, and Oen Kennedy.

Jeanie Stahl, singer-songwriter: "'Take Back the Land', Angela's recent CD, is such a great reflection of her caring, sincerity and humanity. Her love of music, people and the environment, shine through."

Don White, singer-songwriter/comedian: "This ("Take Back The Land") is a beautiful recording. Angela's writing here moves from playful to soulful to acutely observant and introspective. Her voice is enchanting. The musicianship is extraordinary and the songs are delicately crafted. But to me what comes through the clearest in this collection of songs is her warm and wonderful compassionate heart"

Raymond Gonzalez, guitarist and singer-songwriter says: "Angela is an energetic songwriter whose passionate performances are distinctive and engaging"

Jimmy Dorr, singer-songwriter says: "Beautiful, versatile voice. Big and sweet, well-crafted songs and well-produced CDs."

MF Daisy, singer-songwriter, about the CD "Ancient Voices": "One of the most important CDs to date, 'Ancient Voices' speaks to us all, inviting surrender and taking us on an amazing journey, delivered with sublime musicality"

Oen Kennedy, singer-songwriter and music therapist says: "Angela Masciale sings directly from the heart. Hers is a heart full of compassion for her fellow humans and for all other living things. Listening to her connects me immediately with what I love most, and helps me to accept my humanity and to grow. Angela's guitar playing is excellent, her songs are always searching, and her voice is a powerful instrument which melts walls. It is a great blessing to know her, and to swim in the river of her loving creativity."

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