Take Back The Land
released November 2008

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Take Back The Land
Casualties Of War
Shoebox Shelter
The struggle to move from discord to harmony. 13 original songs. All words and music by Angela Masciale.


Casualties of War
- One cannot completely annihilate a thought. When one refuses to acknowledge an experience, it returns with a vengeance, including the universal horror of war trauma.

Take Back the Land - The child and coyote are the nature warrior innocents and like a fairy-tale they fight to take the land back in the battle of nature contra civilization.

Breathe - You are in the washing machine and trying to get out. The worker battles the inhumane demands of working civilization trying to once again regain a sense of balance.

Hungry Horizon - Mother nature warrior holds the ultimate power, as she reestablishes harmony, imposing her needs and devouring with a vengeance.

Petite Woman Blues - Humorous protest song about adapting to and living in a world designed for a person of "average" height.

It's OK Mother - Reframing infertility as fertility. Serenity graces one who embraces with gratitude what one does have, accepting your existence for what it is.

Snowbird - Mildly protesting nature's return to dark and cold, she exudes a sense of freedom inviting us to join her riding on the wings of wild horses.

Machu-Picchu Quest - The Andes Mountains a power ring of nature is both awe inspiring and humbling, as she exerts her warrior will to save her love from nature's deadly pull.

Shoebox Shelter - The indomitable homeless man resting on the fringes of civilization exerts his eccentric will to survive.

Giving All to Enhance Each Other
- A mother sings her wish for true lasting love at her son's wedding. She speaks of willing, loving self-sacrifice in the making of a marriage.

New Moon Rises
- Like the new moon, life's impassioned dreams exist in the shadows, becoming a reality as one transcends the demons that falsely exalt the victim at the expense of the victor.

Breezes of Possibilty - Love is a powerful force providing one with the courage and will to take the uncertain pathways of life's adventures.

Singing Bowl Chant - The Tibetan Singing Bowl inspires the human voice to become a healing muse. The sound is a resonance that links one with the core universal vibration.

Take Back the Land was recorded and engineered by Raymond Gonzalez, except for "Casualties of War", which was recorded and engineered by Adam Zampino. All words and music by Angela Masciale. The CD was co-produced by Angela Masciale and Raymond Gonzalez. Angela Masciale sings all vocals and plays acoustic guitar on all songs as well as drum on "New Moon Rises". Angela chants and plays the Tibetan Singing Bow on "Singing Bowl Chant"l. Raymond Gonzalez plays acoustic lead guitar, mandolin, bass and South American flute on keyboard. Adam Zampino plays piano and djambe on "Casualties of War", and Pam Kuras plays fiddle on "Hungry Horizon".

Time Will Tell
released January 2000

In The Palm Of Our Hand
Slipping Away
This Body is My Home

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Time Will Tell was my first CD, released in January 2000. This was my first recording experience. On the CD, I play acoustic guitar and sing throughout. Adam Zampino produced and recorded the CD and played piano, keyboard, and guitar on most of the songs. He also added some vocal harmonies, along with his wife Michelle Foss-Zampino, on a few songs.

There are eleven original songs on the CD, which I had composed lyrics and music to over a number of years. The CD includes the song "The Sun Will Shine Again"; one of the first songs I ever wrote, at age l6. The title Time Will Tell signifies my leap back into the musical world.

I was inspired to return to my music by the blessing of my son Adam coming to live with me and my husband, after he had graduated from college. At the time, I was working fulltime as a psychiatric nurse clinical specialist and had little energy to do my music. His piano and guitar musical creations inspired my singing again. I dusted off the guitar and began singing and playing after a number of dormant years. Writing music and words soon followed, and once again, I was struck by the muse.

Time Will Tell includes writing about environmental and social issues. The song "In The Palm of Our Hand" is a plea for caring about the earth, and the song "This Body is My Home" addresses the insanity of distorted body images imposed by the mass media, imprisoning women in our culture. "Dream of the Leap" is a personal narrative about resisting change, and the internal dialogue one faces dealing with fear which is often unfounded. This song in particular has become my mantra whenever I fall back into the human condition of self doubt. "Zen of the Moment" speaks about making the most out of the time we do have here, living on this Earthly plane.

Ancient Voices
released September 2004

Don't Push Me Through Glass
Phantom Limb

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"Ancient Voices", my second album, is a modern folk compilation of thirteen original songs. The title track, "Dolphin's Ancient Voices", is a song about the struggle between world unity and the discord of modern existence. Plunging into dolphin's waters one reconnects to the harmony of the web of life. The cello becomes the ancient voice of unity and world peace. The first song on the CD, "Something Will Stick", whistles the voice of a loving father, forever encouraging his child to become all that one can be. Whereas, in the song "I Can't Go Back", there is an underlining discord between father and mother, which represents the voice of struggle and ambivalence in claiming one's own personal power, to pursue his or her dreams in this modern world. "Phantom Limb" gives voice to the victims of 9/11, honoring their burial ground. The ancient voice sings of vulnerability and empowering oneself to go on in the face of adversity. The truth about the modern world we live in unravels in the song, "Run Away Freedom Train": the seed of peace, struggling against the violence of war. The last song on the CD, "Requium for the Earth", tells the story of the creation of the atomic bomb, the ultimate severing of our connection to the web of life. Rooted in Native American myth, the flute becomes the voice of apocalyptic warning. "Cinderella You're Free" and "Don't Push Me Through Glass" speak the truth of relationships and family dysfunction, conveying us along the journey of overcoming and metamorphosis. "Black Widow's Web" and "She Found Love" contrast the pain of unrequited passion with the voice of harmonious love. The theme of communing with nature exists in many of my songs, offset by the hard reality of modern existence. I sing about the struggle of the true self desiring to emerge through the currents of modern world violence and destruction.
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